Affordable Gift Ideas for the Frugal Buyer to Save Money

Gift giving and holiday expenses can get out of hand during the holiday season. Here’s a list of inexpensive gifts that people actually love!

Cozy Slippers

For that not-so morning person in your life, nothing is worse than getting out of bed on a winter day. The feelings of bare feet hitting the cold floor, stiff joints, and morning heel pain, are no match for comfy, fluffy slippers.They are the perfect stocking stuffer or last minute gift that won’t break the bank.

Quirky Candles

Who doesn’t love a delicious-smelling candle with a sassy attitude? You can fulfill your gift-giving obligation while also having a laugh when you purchase a wine-scented candle entitled, But First…Wine.

Local Chocolates and Candies

Buy local AND keep it within budget? Say less. Support a small business while having the ability to buy for multiple people with multiple preferences. It’s delicious, it’s affordable, and chances are, they’ll put it in a cute box so you don’t have to wrap it.

Travel Games

Everyone hates waiting in the airport and getting bored on long car rides. The alphabet and license plate games can only go so far, sometimes you need backup. Whether it’s tiny checkers or a quick and easy card game, they’re the perfect gift for all ages and might even save a tantrum or two.

Something for Their Pet

We can’t forget about man’s best friend! Fido deserves an extra squeak toy or chewing bone to survive the holiday season. It’s a nice gesture and an easy gift in a pinch.

Fancy Soaps and Bubbles

Anything that says “Treat Yourself” is automatically a winner! Grab a couple of bath bombs, bodywash, and lotion, tie it with a pretty bow, and voila, gift extraordinaire!

Local Wine or Brews

Even people who have everything, enjoy a good drink. A simple bottle of wine or specialty six-pack with a bow will do the trick.

Sleep Headphones

Imagine a sleep mask with a flat set of speakers on the ears and you get the most wonderful invention to hit “background-noise sleepers” in years. You can sleep comfortably on your side or back without the discomfort of earbuds. It’s the perfect gift for sleepers or airplane travelers!

Luggage Tags

Although it doesn’t sound super exciting, the perfect set of luggage tags can be a game-changer for the weary traveler. Easily recognizable or customized luggage tags can save a lot of heartache when waiting for bags at the end of a long trip!

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be the perfect gift. Just give it a little thoughtful consideration and they’re guaranteed to love it, regardless of price!

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