Branding and Marketing for Small Businesses: Subtle Techniques that will drive your Venture Forward

According to recent statistics, an estimated two-thirds of small businesses are satisfied with the growth opportunities accessible through the current domestic market in Britain. This comes on the back of a largely positive and well-received budget, which seeks to drive commercial growth while also easing the tax burden facing domestic SME’s. This is providing an excellent opportunity for aspiring start-ups and burgeoning small businesses to consolidate and push themselves forward and establish the foundation for longer-term success.

How to Create a Brand around your Small Business

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business growth, and it is important that small ventures look to create a recognisable brand. There are several cost-effective and subtle methods of achieving this, so consider the following: –

Establish a Clear Philosophy

No brand can flourish with a clearly defined business philosophy behind it, and this requires little more than time and a little creative thought. The philosophy and beliefs of your business are crucial in underpinning its operational methods, and its unique approach to sustainability, customer service and philanthropy. So by taking the time to understand your commercial vision and how it will translate into commercial decisions, it is possible to establish a philosophy and all-encompassing brand. This represents the launch pad for a long and fruitful journey, as your seek recognition and awareness for your firm.

Invest in Subtle Branding Measures

While the aim of branding is to raise awareness and knowledge, it does not always have to be overt and aggressive in terms of its manifestation. Subtle branding can also have an effect on potential customers, especially when it is used consistently and in a uniform manner. By taking the decision to brand company stationary and physical promotional material, for example, you can help individuals to become familiarised with your company and its visual representation. Stationary outlets such as All Colour Envelopes make this relatively simple in 2014, as you can purchase products in a range of colours and invest in additional design features.

Dress Employees in Branded Garments

While the use of professional uniforms may seem a little old-fashioned in a technologically advanced age, it provides you with an unusual opportunity to establish mobile branding for your business. Essentially, branded garments can be worn by staff during working hours and at specific trade events, which in turn will help to promote your business and its logo. This is an effective and relatively cost-effective form of mobile marketing, as your human resources become a vehicle through which your brand can be shared.

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