Buying Computer Speakers on a Tight Budget

A quality set of computer speakers are definitely nice to have, but for many they are nothing more than a luxury. This makes sense considering earphones, or a cheap set of computer speakers, get the job done. Anyone that just uses a laptop will already have built-in speakers as well.

As the high cost of quality computer speakers is the main barrier, you will want to try to eliminate if you want to buy new computer speakers. After all, you don’t want to have to resort to another low quality pair of speakers if you have better options.

Why Not Buy Second Hand Computer Speakers?

It’s puzzling why there are so many people that are picky about buying used when it comes to computer speakers. The truth is that the majority of people that spend a lot of money on computer speakers end up regretting it at some point. The major reason for this is because they went above what they could really afford given their financials and lifestyle.

As many younger people with other financial concerns find themselves impulsively buying these speakers, they later need to come up with money and decide to sell them. After all, they are a ‘luxury’ item. So the speakers get sold even though they didn’t get used very much, so it’s almost the same as buying new for the buyer.

The best part about buying used is that you are getting computer speakers for a fraction of the retail price. Computer accessories like computer speakers do not uphold a lot of their retail value. This means that their resale value is much lower. You could easily scoop a great deal and find a top quality used speaker set for around the same price as the lesser quality sets at retail stores.

There are also endless avenues when it comes to shopping second hand. Gumtree has hundreds of listings for PC speakers. If that’s not enough to choose from, eBay has well over two thousand listings for PC speakers.

Which Computer Speakers Should You Buy?

You can’t go based on the retail price and cosmetic appeal alone. You need to make sure that any set of computer speakers you think about buying are actually going to be worth the money. If you’re not familiar with what to look for in a set of computer speakers, read a computer speaker buying guide.

You can also look for top 10 lists online. However, these will often include very high priced computer speaker sets that will run a pretty penny even if bought used. Heck, even if bought broken. For example, PC Mag’s top 10 computer speakers includes a set that retails for $799.99, which is definitely nowhere close to affordable.

You will definitely want to take the time to shop around. There are two ways that you can approach this – you can look at what’s available in the used marketplace first or find particular models and search for them. As there are so many different speaker sets that exist, your best bet would be to narrow down your options by price range and then search for reviews on specific sets that catch your interest.

Do You Need a Subwoofer?

Many first time computer speaker buyers will try to cut corners any way they can. One of the most common ways of doing this is by eliminating the subwoofer. It seems that it is an unnecessary item given that it is mainly noted for improving the bass output. However, it is actually very important that you stick with a seat that includes the subwoofer.

There are two very important purposes of the subwoofer. First, it handles low frequency audio that cannot be played on smaller computer speakers. Second, it provides amplification effects and offers greater control over the sound of the speakers.

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