With experience of over 30 years, our attorneys are highly professional and skilled in deal with criminal cases when they are of high stakes. Lansing Criminal Lawyer has been working for their clients who are facing charges, hearing, Law enforcement and dealing with other investigating agencies. Due to political influence, lawmakers are making the jail sentence higher and set up stern fines and penalties. The problems of criminal defense laws is that they added more complications for protecting defendant`s rights. We are here to care for your right, freedom and your reputation in the public.

What help we can offer you:

To get rid of charges, our lawyers will encounter all for to protect you and not to put you behind the bars. Law enforcement agencies and other investigation authorities often investigate firmly and may charge with crimes that may be serious or cruel. Your future is highest important concern for us, so we don’t put in danger and leaving you with unjust guilty verdicts and misguided appeals. We skills in lawsuits like home invasion, domestic violence, firearm charges, sexual assault, armed robbery, shooting and murder. Cases of that type can put anyone in jail for 20 years. We have the specialized lawyers to deal with any type of case we encounter. With our experts available, we offer the following benefits:

  • Cases are examine from all angles to avoid any future circumstance
  • Our guideline can help you pave your way through the case.
  • We make ease for the result to ensure safety of your life and business
  • All information of clients are in full privacy
  • To solve the case as easy as possible, we plan strategies.


To effectively handle the case and protect you from charges, our lawyers know your situation to solve the case in best-ever possible way. To save you against the accusations, our lawyers are here for you. To save you, knowledgeable and educated lawyers are demanded by justice and accentuate security offered on your behalf as soon as possible.

The legal judicial system is filled with difficult procedures. Penalties can be very harsh if you don’t know what to do for your rights. Contact our Lansing Criminal Lawyer for competent report of your case. We have expertise in these areas:

  • Wrongdoing and Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Drunk Driving Cases
  • Domestic Violence and Drug Possession
  • Hit and Run and Traffic disobedience

At the Lansing Criminal Lawyer, our criminal lawyers will handle your case honestly. We have a good record of advocating for our clients in all cases. We have the answers for your entire criminal law related queries like what I do after being arrested. When a need a lawyer? Can I go to prison or jail? What penalties I will have to face? Will it be worthy to hire a lawyer?

By contacting the criminal lawyers at the Lansing Criminal Lawyer, we can put decades of expertise in achieving justice to work for you right away.

When you appoint us, there is no question that you will be receiving qualified criminal lawyer with many prominent case results in Lansing, Michigan

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