How to promote your blog using podcasts

I know what you’re thinking: surely if I’m going to use a podcast to promote my blog, I have to promote the podcast which will defeat the purpose. Well you might find this article very useful if you’re struggling to promote your blog and get returning visitors – don’t dismiss the idea of using podcasts outright.

Why use podcasts?

The main idea behind using a podcast to promote your blog or website is to create an enticing series which people want to listen to. If you create great content, people will come back and you will have more advertising opportunities. Remember that getting visitors isn’t enough – it’s the conversion rate between visitors to return visitor that is the true test of successful advertising.

The reason you want to use podcasts as a method of promoting your blog is that it’s a new, interesting way of advertising. People are used to ignoring the pop-up ads and social media ads that they see everywhere, but people aren’t used to listening to a podcast they enjoy and getting a blog recommendation at the end.

The rest of this article will discuss the ways that you can promote your blog through a podcast. You should remember that a successful advertising campaign will use a variety of methods, so don’t rely solely on your podcast to gain you a substantial number of returning visitors.

Arrange a consultancy meeting

You should book a short meeting with a consultancy firm to see what new ideas they can bring to the table. If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to advertising, and are finding that your methods aren’t working, this is a good place to start. They can often approach the challenge in fresh ways and if you suggest the use of a podcast they should be able to suggest ways of getting it out there.

Don’t underestimate the impact of social media

Social media is a blessing for advertising. All you have to do is create an account on a social media site such as Google+ or Facebook, and use that to market your blog or website free of charge. It will take time to build up social media relationships, and it’s not a surefire way to gain a lot of traffic, but once you have created the relationships you can use the same profile to keep advertising. Make sure that you stay on-top of the latest social media changes; go beyond Twitter and Facebook and venture into tumblr and Reddit as ways of advertising. The more profiles you have, the more successful you are likely to be.

Get involved with local events

Remember to advertise your blog in the real world as well as online. See if you can get a spot advertising at a local fair or if you can work with a charity for sponsorship. Most local organizations are happy to help you out for free adverts on your website – it’s a give and take situation, so if you advertise for them they will allow you to advertise at these events.

Use Wikipedia

Using Wikipedia as a form of advertising is rarely used, but it can be very effective if you do it correctly. You can create a web page on Wikipedia for your company and fill it with details. As long as it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, Wikipedia will allow it to stay. Wikipedia also ranks very highly on Google which makes it the perfect website for people to be confronted with when they Google your business.

Market by email

You should note first of all that using a standard email address and email client to mass-email people will probably lead to your account being suspended, so don’t do that. What you need to do is employ an email marketing company to send the email for you from a variety of addresses at many times of day. This way your emails are less likely to end up in SPAM folders. You should also remember that most people don’t read marketing emails, so don’t pay too much for them – advertisements are a much better investment if you have to choose just one.

Advertise through forum posts

There are two ways to advertise using forums. The first, which is the most ineffective, is to make forum topics and posts that serve only to advertise. This is ineffective because the moderators will usually remove such posts and may suspend your account. The better way is to make interesting, thoughtful posts and use your forum signature to advertise. That way you aren’t annoying people by spamming the forums, but you are still advertising to potentially hundreds of people with each post. Do check that the forum allows adverts in signatures, but if they do you have a whole new advertising platform for free!

Show images of yourself

People want to know that your company is legitimate, and so you should post images of yourself on your blog or website. Of course they don’t want to see Facebook snaps of your latest night out, but a friendly photo will do wonders for your reputation and legitimacy. Using staged, stock photos is a bad idea; it’s a move typical of scam websites, so make sure it’s clear that you are actually the person in the photo.

Reciprocate advertisements

If a website links to your website make sure you provide a backlink to their website as well. It’s through these sorts of reciprocated adverts that you are most likely to make online relationships which can come in very useful in the future. When you are both benefitting from a partnership it’s much more likely that they will be keen to keep advertising for you.


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