Why Calling a Car Accident Lawyer Should be on Top of your List after an Accident

The average number of road accidents in the US is 6 million every year. This is according to a Car Accident Statistic report that was published in the Driver Knowledge site. The report further revealed that 40% of the accidents were due to alcohol, 30% speeding and 33% reckless driving. Distracted driving was also noted as a leading cause of accidents in the country. Going by these statistics, road accidents are prevalent than we would like to imagine. But this doesn’t make them any less of a problem.

If you are involved in a road accident as a result of someone else’s fault and suffer injury or property damage in the process, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure you receive a befitting compensation for your property damage and/or injuries. Medical bills and repair costs can leave a big dent in your bank balance, and even shake you financially. Besides, why should you pay to fix something that wasn’t your fault? It only makes sense for the responsible party to pay up for all expenses and well as take care of your current and future losses.

It is true that you will be in shock minutes into the accident, but if you are in a position to pull yourself together, you should do so. The short time you have at the accident scene is critical and can be all you need to prove that the other driver was negligent on the road.

So, first things first, you should call for medical help even when you think your injuries aren’t severe. It’s always best to get a checkup and find out you are okay than to drive away only to realize you were hurt later on. Besides, not getting immediate medical attention may give the other driver’s insurance company a reason to refuse your claim, arguing that the injury wasn’t as a result of the accident.

Calling the police is also essential.  The law requires drivers to report an accident, irrespective of how small or large. So, by calling the police, you will be upholding the law. But the other good thing is that you will get your hands on the police report, which is an instrumental part of your accident settlement case.

But most importantly, you will need to call a lawyer. If you do not have any lawyer on your phonebook, you can hop online and try to find one. A quick search for the best auto accident lawyer near me will give you dozens of options to pick from.

A good accident lawyer will advise you on what to do while at the scene of the accident to build your case – like to collect the other driver’s and witnesses’ information and take photographs of the crash. They will also inform you of your rights, and what not to say to jeopardize your case.  A lawyer will also negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company or their lawyers and ensure you get the best possible compensation.

After an accident, the only party that’s on your side is your lawyer. Insurance companies are in it for business, and compensating you does nothing to improve their bottom line.

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