Why is Good Communication Important Within the Business Setting

As the old adage goes, communication is key. Business is in large part a matter of working relationships and in the workplace setting, it is necessary to practice good forms of communication. Communication helps to facilitate a connection between employees, encourages honesty, and makes the workday more enjoyable. Another wonderful benefit to communicating effectively in the workplace is that it builds character for staff members.

Facilitating Connection Between Employees

The business setting is unarguably much improved by good working relationships between employees and staff members. Imagine a workplace wherein all employees were silent and you might be overtaken with a dreary mood. Communication is fun. It is lively and opens up pathways for connections between those involved. 

The business workplace is strengthened by positive connections between those who are present in this setting. Genuine connection is hard to replicate and it is a necessary factor in encouraging employees to work in their best capacity. Even an online business should be actively encouraging that workplace participants practice communication, albeit virtually. Having a connection with your boss and co-workers makes the day pass by joyfully. Opening up a conversation is one way to add engagement and enjoyment to your workday.

Encouraging Honesty

When those in the business setting, whether it be an office or a retail store, engage in conversation, they are liable to open up about honest matters. Simple questions about how your co-worker’s day is going or what they thought of the football game last night can sometimes lead to more candid conversations about an individual’s personal matters.

While it is best to leave subjects outside of work, it is beneficial for those who work together in the business setting to also have personal connections with one another. This type of honesty encourages honesty in conversations about business as well. Issues like theft or false reporting of task completion may be left at the door when staff members already have a working honest line of communication with one another through on-going communication dialogues.

Enjoying the Workday

Communication makes the workday more enjoyable for all people involved. A quiet workplace is simply boring and is also void of the connection necessary in building a strong team. This rule applies to all types of business settings. While those in the office may enjoy extended periods of fairly quiet time, there is always room for dishing around the water cooler. One of the finest companies in terms of valuing communication is General Electric and we see their continued business success with their stocks, NYSE GE, consistently soar during lucrative times in the stock market.

Those who work in retail settings are also liable to benefit from good workplace communication. The management may inquire as to how an employee’s week has been in terms of his or her child starting at a new school. One’s co-worker may ask for honest feedback about his or her new shirt style. Honest conversation is natural and when this type of communication takes place, it is a good indication that things in the workplace are going smoothly in terms of business, as well.

Building Character

Good communication helps staff members to build their characters. It is so easy to believe that one has the perfect personality when one does not seek feedback from his or her peers, or in this case co-workers. It is necessary to actively work on developing one’s performance at work based upon the impression that you are giving to others through doing your work. Your boss approaching you with constructive criticism is not necessarily a bad thing. In many ways, criticism is a gift because the person offering it has been brave enough to offer you the honesty of their sincere opinion. This is an insight that you may otherwise have passed up and it gives you the ability to take action toward self-improvement. Constructive criticism, when taken with careful consideration, makes for some of the most productive communication known to man.

Communication is an important part of a properly running business setting for many reasons. The interpersonal flow between staff members and management is an integral aspect of a business’ success because it builds connections between employees, encourages workers to be honest with one another, makes the workday pass by with more enjoyment, and builds character within individual staff members.

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